W.W. Greener No16


Have appended some photographs of a W.W. Greener No16.

The headstamp of this cartridge is not included in the examples shown in; ‘The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers, by C.W. Harding,’ (Page appended).

‘The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers,’ gives a guideline date of 1871-1950’s, but, very little information on the No16.

Would appreciate any additional background information?



sam3. These 16ga brass cases are common in Australia but I have only found empty case so maybe for reloaders. It is in my collection. Cannot help further.


There are plenty of Greener head stamps missing from the book but he does say “examples”, your type is probably early 1900’s (I don’t have an exact date for it, Jim might have).
As Ron3350 said they are not too hard to find.
Here are a few more that are not shown in the book;

and that is not all of them by a long way…


Great collection!
Many thanks,