W.W. Greener shotshell

What about this one?
Never seen or heard about.
It looks like the text is stamped with some sort of rubber stamp.

Regards rené

Actually a lot of case print was put on with rubber stamps, not the sort of one you held in your hand but in a inside / part of a stage of the loading machine & the case was rolled in sync with the adhesive backed rubber stamp strip being rolled to mark the shell.
Here are some found in the Bridgeport CT. Remington / UMC shot tower.

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A very unusual case Rene, even more so with having the two colour printing and the style of the pheasant, makes me think the pheasant was printed on the tube and the text added later, very different to any Greener cases I know and very nice.


Hi Pete,
I should have thought about that, but didn’t.😕
Thanks, hopefully somebody has info about this one!
Regards rené

Hi Mike,
Indeed, it is a nice one, two color print/stamping.
I have never seen or heard of this type of sporting life.
Regards rené

Hi Rene,

Another thing, I have just been through all the plain No 12 head stamps that I have and none carry that style of stamping as seen on the “2” on your case, where the head of the number closes off like that.


Hi Guys
Another Sporting Life without the Pheasant. but with the same headstamp.

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Thanks Pete!
Never seen that one before.


Another cracker, never seen that one before either, lovely. And yes, exactly the same head stamp which I also do not have.