Walden pistol/revolver

What is a

Walden pistol or revolver?

“Walden” was a brand of single shot pistols and revolvers constructed according to the Arthur Waldo patents of 1913 and 1914. They have a barrel with a blind muzzle and two side apertures in order to release the gases, and the revolver also have narrowed chambers. They can be considered early examples of “blank only” firearms.

There are other variants of this box; one is labeled “Made in France” and contain cartridges with raised “E” headstamp (likely made by SFM) and another one is branded “Hallcross” (Hall & Cross Ltd., London).



Hello FVN, I found this pictures, both are blanks guns.
The revolver picture shows a box of ammo simmilar to yours.

Thank you, very interesting.

Thanks, appreciate the info.

Here is another tin for them too, sorry for the flash bounce.


Mike, nice box! Thanks for sharing. Do you have pictures of its contents?

Hi Fede,

Not to hand but if you want I can find out the tin and see if it has contents? Let me know.


Mike, a picture or a description would be great, thanks.

OK Fede,

Now we are in trouble, the tin has two types of blanks in it, see picture…

You can take your pick which one you think is correct.

It is never easy in this game… :-)

Here’s a close-up of my tin & contents. The oak leaves and acorns logo I have seen before (on Flobert cartridges), but can’t remember the manufacturer now.

Acorn (Eichel) is RSW

Thank you very much.

This is another label variation of the Walden tin.
Blue-gray label and white label marked LONG SHAPED.

The cartridges are 6.8mm long , same acorn headstamp as shown above.
3 oak leaves and 2 acorns.