Some pictures of the meeting.


As ever, a great social occasion as well as an opportunity to add items to our collections.

It was great to see so many friends from accross the water as well.


I was pleased to see so many familiar faces. Not that they’re much to look at, but that they are also seen at our US shows. I hope to see Peter Petrusic back over here someday.

Looks to have been a great show.

So many goodies to find & probably even better stories told.

What the heck is this?

It’s a 1" x 1" x 8" chaff or flare cartridges for use in military helicopters and airplanes. See this link for more info.

Hi Pete, this is a chaff countermeasure cartridge and looks like the RR170 or equivalent, which is 203 mm long. The base can be fitted with different types of impulse cartridges.

I haven’t been back to Europe since 1978. Frankly, I am almost afraid to see Moscow, Vienna and Rome as they are right now, it may destroy my memories, as these cities are frozen in time inside my brain. But I never went to Helvetia, and it looks nice, so maybe some day…What language do people use talking about items at the table? Do you first look at the seller’s name tag to determine which language he speaks? Also, are the posted prices in francs or euros?

Looks like Lew picked up my package. I could see it in the box under his table

As promised, here are some pictures of the meeting.
Thursday started with a tour in one of the training centres of the swiss army.
A very modern training facility. A kind of Playstation for grown-up. The soldiers become special
equipment (eg: guns with laser) and everything they do (move, speak, shoot) can be followed on big screens.
The control center can take influence in the happening by letting mines "explode"etc.
Here they practise combat in towns, buildings. The total village consists of about 25 houses, shops, gas station and more.
We visited the village but actually the total area is much larger and even vehicles can be used


A view of the control center where everything can be followed or “manipulated”

Entering the village

On the market square. In the background, the gas station

The equipment

One of the mines which are placed all over the area and which can be detonated on demand

The soldier

The whole village, all rooms, every angle is covered by camara’s sensors, microphones etc.

Simulating a hit by a tank or artillery in one of the houses.
Windows and doors will open automatically and the room is filled with smoke within seconds

From the outside

and then there was the meeting

Pivi, Received and many thanks. A great meeting! I don’t know where to start with all the goodies I brought back! I’ll post photos of a few next week.