Walmart's ammo debacle

Many have no doubt heard of how Walmart had planned to cease selling pistol ammo, as well as any typical ammo which could be chambered in an AR or AK. They announced this a month or two ago, but now as of last week they are completely out (across the country) of all of that sort of ammo after slashing prices to ridiculous lows ($4.50 for 50rds of 9mm, etc.). They now only sell hunting ammo in shotgun or rifle calibers, and .22’s.

Two things I have noticed:

A very definite and noticeable uptick over the past week in my store sales of 9mm, .223, and even .22lr even though Walmart still sells .22’s. This, since customers who no longer go to Walmart for ammo are buying whatever other ammo they need, either at local sellers like me, or online. No complaints here!

Other thing is that Federal, Remington, and Winchester have very quickly scrambled to rebrand, re-style, and re-distribute all of the ammo in pistol calibers and MSR calibers to standard FFL distributors, and big online dealers. The 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, and .223 100rd, 150rd, 200rd, and 250rd packs are everywhere all of the sudden, with none of them having prices that were as low as Walmart’s since Walmart was a single buyer of an insane quantity. This makes for some odd pricing on the otherwise cheap aluminum case Federal stuff which suddenly doesn’t seem quite as good of a deal as it had at Walmart when you compare it to brass-case prices presently.

I found some of the 100rd packs of .40S&W Federal aluminum cased FMJ stuff from one of my distributors though, and was pleased to see an actual “Walmart” specific label on the case box, which retail buyers would otherwise normally never see since Walmart compacts all of their cardboard and does not sell full cases (with the case box anyway).

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Does not hurt my feeling also. Although I would of like to get the 9mm ammo at $4.50 a box of 50. :-)
They are so many companies on the internet selling shooting ammo at discount prices, I wonder how many will be around in a year or two.
Why I stick to cartridges for collectors . Can’t make a dollar on shooting ammo on the internet unless you buy millions of dollars a year direct from the makers and sell it at a very low markup…
Good for you and all the local dealers, gunshops, and small business that Walmart is out, and Dicks is going out.
I notice Bass Proshops is not giving away shooting ammo as Dicks Sporting Goods is out of the ammo business.
Good for the little guys!
We need the business.

Dick’s simply moved the ammo sales in some locales to their Field & Stream division. The Dick’s stores I have been in in the last month or two are still selling ammo and guns. There are Dick’s and Field and Stream in the same area. Had large cases of 223 and pistol on the floor stacked up. How long??

I have do seen a Field & Stream Store in Maine ?
I will have to check them out.