Walter Paul Hameln H/S? Pic added

Hello all,

Has been awhile since I visited the forum! Love the hobby just took a little break. Anyhoo, has any one ever heard of an 8MM round with a H/S of Walter Paul Hameln ? OAL 63mm, case 47mm, bullet dia .325. I can get a Pic if necessary, however Is is not mine.


Good to see you 'round!

A picture would help a bunch but there may be others familiar with that headstamp. I think that may be an established gun maker? If it is an older looking cartridge, there are a bunch of different European target rounds out there, but a very popular one was the 8.15x46R. Just guessing with the odds, though.


Thanks Dave! The only thing that I have heard is that he was a German gun maker… I will get a pic up.

Walter Paul was a gun maker in the town of Hamelyn, Germany (also sports store). They made many calibers with at least 3 headstamps that I am aware of. Cases were most likely supplied by RWS (or one of their earlier names). For the cartridge, pics and more measurements will definitely assist.

Edited as found their address. store is still open, though they no longer have ammunition made for them.

Walter Paul Waffen&Stahlwaren
Inh. Walter Paul
Mo-Fr: 9-13 Uhr und 14.30-18 Uhr
Sa: 10-16 Uhr
Osterstraße 39
31785 Hameln
Telefon: 05151-24923


I’d say an 8.15x46R is what you have there. Nice cartridge!


Thanks Dave! Sadly not mine though…asking for someone else.

Thanks everyone for the help! Any additional Info appreciated! Any ideas as to current selling price?


Interesting head stamp. I just made a phone call to the granddaughter of the founder.
She still runs a gun shop in Hameln. The gun shop exists now 107 years.
The city of Hameln is 10 Miles of Hessish Oldendorf were the International show take place on Sept. 24-26 here in Germany.

Unfortunately she could not tell me when these cartridges were made. I think between the WW1 and WW2.
I also asked if she still had an example of this head stamp. She told me she did not have one.

If you want to sell it to me, I’ll be happy to bring the cartridge home.


Dutch, sorry not mine to sell, however I can put you in contact with the owner if you wish.


These are some variations on this headstamp on 8.15x46R cartridges. This was one of the most popular target (Schützen) cartridges in Germany. There’s even a 200-page book on it by Anderhub, Kellner & Techel which was published in 2012.

The prices on these cartridge vary considerable depending on (a) where you are in the world, (b) the condition of the round as they were often reloaded many times. Thus they get a bit battered and the bullet is often not original. Of the 3 images above, the one without the town name is the harder to find in North America, in my opinion. The others usually go for around $40 in good condition.

Thanks Chris!