Wanda shotshells

I was at a show in Calgary on the Easter weekend and while I dont collect shotshells these are cool a couple of different 20 G and a 12 G can anyone provide me with any info on them? thx Richard

which ones ?

Here is some information from the book “The Shotshell in the United States” by Richard J. Iverson. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Some years ago, a collector found a shop that was using surplus 16-gauge Wanda for packing material. He bought the lot. The 16-gauge was never put into production.

Also some years ago, I happened to chat with one of the investors in Wanda. All he had to show for his money (which was a lot) was a cartridge on a display board, and he couldn’t even remember the size of it. He was pretty mad about the whole deal at the time, still reasonably fresh in his mind!

IIRC, the Wandas had a tendency to melt when fired rapidly in auto-loaders. That’s the story I heard, anyway. Whether it was a rumor started by the traditional shotshell manufacturers or not, it caused the death of the company.

If anyone can expand or correct that story, please do…I’ve always wondered what happened!

I am not sure where he got them from, but my Dad and I hunted dove with Wandas for a while when I was a teen back in the early eighties. We didn’t have any problems with them that I recall. I still have a few boxes in my collection as well. They are extremely cool looking rounds!
From what I heard, the early production runs were okay, but the company ended up switching to a different kind of plastic that turned out to be more brittle. This caused failures to extract as the extractor would simply break off the unsupported plastic rim. That was pretty much the end of the company. Much like Natec, if your ammo gets a bad rep. amongst consumers, it’s a death sentence. Later on, Activ made an all plastic shotgun shell that was opaque and had a thin piece of steel reinforcing the rim. They were a bit more successful, but people still seem to prefer a metal head on their shotgun shells.