Want List


Is it OK to post “Want Lists” here?

If so, I’d like to find single specemins of the Experimental Winchester .224 E1, E3, E4, and E5 cartridges.



I’m not sure if our last deal was off a Want List, but please send me a copy and I’ll see what I can do.



Will do.



Ray, as long as it isn’t too much of one - this is fine.

We have a LOT of improvements and additions to do to the site and a transactional forum is one of the more prominent items on that list. The working title is “Buy, Sell and Trade” but I suspect we’d put want lists under that umbrella to keep things neat. There are a lot of factors to be weighed - we discussed this earlier and there was a poll on one aspect of the topic (who should be permitted to use this feature), also.

One major consideration is that there is a fine line between having things reasonably categorized and entirely too fragmented. I suspect most veterans of Internet forums have seen many examples of sites with either too few or too many forums, although the latter seems to be the norm. We’re both conscious of this and cautious about expanding beyond our current physical, financial and personnel resources.

This site is very much a work in process even if it is not evident on the surface. With all volunteer staff and multiple constituencies to be served, progress is not going to be dramatic, but rather incremental (and most carefully considered).



Mr Iconoclast




Regarding Iconoclast’s discussion of proposed improvements and additions to the site, has any consideration been given to adding an E-bay style auction capability. I’m not sure what the liability ramifications might be, but what a service this would be for the members. Reserving this service for members only would go far to ensure that the transactions would be honorable. In addition, it would provide a revenue source for covering the expenses associated with purchasing the auction software and operating the web site.
There is so much non-collectible garbage you have to wade through on the other auction sites (autionarms.com, gunbroker.com); to have a site devoted to true collectible ammo would be a blessing, and what better organization is there to host it? E-bay, while there is garbage there also, is the best place for serious collectibles, but the games you have to play in order to list anything are a pain, and from one item to the next, you never can tell when your auction will get bumped.


Guy - in short form, yes and no.

Yes, it has been discussed and no, the consensus - more like the hearty and unanimous reaction - is that we don’t want to go down that road. There is a [b]huge[/b] amount of “overhead” involved with doing this - both in the coding to create such a thing and the administrative aspect. Plenty of headaches, as well. Further, we want to keep to the site “mission statement” - a resource for collectors and research, rather than diluting this by taking on commercial functions. There are multiple avenues for people to buy and sell specimens, but very few for the exchange of information in this field - for now, this is where we want to focus.