Want To Buy

Looking to buy the following TOTALLY INERT cartridges:

1inch Nordenfelt with brass jacketed steel projectile (Mark VI?)

1inch Aiming Rifle with electrical priming

25x194R Hotchkiss

37x94R Hotchkiss, CASES ONLY, I need two, don’t care if fired.

Any other caliber from 12.7 to 40mm that might interest me.

Cartridges with drilled cases are prefered, but if the fit of a pulled bullet is tight, it is also fine.

I guarantee fast payment. Payment can ONLY be through Western Union.

Please contact me via PM.

Best Regards,


Fernando - wish I had some of these items for you. They are all “sensitive” items in California. The authorities here only “tolerate” dummy rounds of these calibers. A recent ruling is that the bullet alone, as a part of the cartridge, is a governed component, so it would matter not at all if it is inert or not in this state, since it can still fly thru the air if fired from a live round. However, they never stop to think that no one has guns of this size to fire ammunition in anyway, so why they are worried about any cartridge that is not a high explosive, is beyond all reason. The average American doesn’t have a 105mm Howitzer in his basement or back yard!

Off topic, but . . . .

John, “think,” “reason” and (although you did not use the term) “logic” do not pertain to the liberals who control the PRK and several other “blue” areas of this nation.

Fernando, will watch for these for you.