Want to know value : WW2 white tip 303 tracer

A friend has the following, what would they be worth?

1944 marked British 303 white tipped tracers. 2 full, opened boxes, 1 partial open box (18rds instead of 20rds) and ONE UNOPENED, SEALED BOX

Fairly common. IMHO, I would not pay more than regular ball ammo unless the box is sealed and in good condition. But that is just me :)

It also depends on the headstamp.

K5 45 GS

boxes have 48rds per box

I think you will find that the headstamp is actually “K5 45 G6” which is a naval day tracer for Air Service.

More details of this load on my website here:
sites.google.com/site/britmilam … -pg-mark-i

A full box might be of interest to .303 collectors but they are not rare rounds.