WANTED: .22 Rem Jet shooting ammo - Factory loads only

Hello all, I am looking for some shooting ammo for my S&W Model 53 and was hoping some of you might have a few boxes of factory loads you might be willing to sell.

Please email me at tomgraham01@msn.com with what you have and you can also call me at 425-785-0093.

Photos and prices would be helpful.

I am in Prescott Valley, AZ


We have a few boxes available, link to web-site page below:

I also have some older Remington production, however due to age, some may not fire.

Hi I am sorry don’t have any 22remjet ammo It’s definitely out of my interese. Have a nice day

Odd, looks to me you stated on the title:
Wanted .22 Jet ammunition?
Maybe I miss understood you ?
No matter.
We have it, if your need it.

Ok maybe I have written under another topic that I wanted. I am sorry to mistaken you. Really don’t need 22 rem. Jet. Have a nice day.

AmmoOne - your reply mixes up krtecek85 with the actual initiator of the thread, Threedflyer.
Easy boo-boo to make. I have done it a couple of times myself.

John M.