Wanted: .303, .455 and .380 British specific headstamps


Does anyone have any of the following as live rounds that could be inerted? I do not have alot of trading stock so would sooner buy them. I would be grateful if anyone has any of these.

.303 British:

G 11 VI
K 11 VI
R/|\L 15 VII
R/|\L 1930 VII
K1934 VII
RG 61 7Z
K 70 7

.380 British Revolver:

R/|\L 50 .380 2Z (not sure is this has decimal point or not, only have a corroded case)
RG 65 380 2Z
K66 .380 2Z

.455 Webely & Scott Automatic:

R/|\L 33 I

Please PM me if you have any of these you are willing to part with.