WANTED .303 Savage cartridges or cases

Need a few specific .303 Savage cartridges or fired cases for research/sectioning.
Not concerned about condition, as long as case is intact and has not been reloaded.
Don’t need pristine or display examples.
Bullet type and style not overly important.

Have a .303 I have not listed below and it DOESN’T have a nickled primer let me know it may work for what I need.

The cartridges needed:

These two have a domed brass colored primer.

D.C. Co. .303 S.

S.A. Co. 303

The following will have a copper primer with and without the “S” momogram.

S.A. Co 303

S.A. Corp .303

The following can have either a copper or brass primer

UMC .303 with monogrammed “U” primer

Hi, I looked to see if I could accommodate you, but I do not have the ones you are looking for, but I do have a 18 round collection, all different, I am looking to sell whole?



PM sent

Still have them, no interest. Nothing exotic, just shoot-em-up rounds, and one factory W-W SUPER dummy. Asking like 50 cents a round.