WANTED--.45 Colt Boxes


I have collected .45 Colt (Sometimes erroneously called .45 Long Colt) for 40 years and have about 99% of all the different individual cartridges loaded in this case type. I stupidly ignored the boxes all those years. Now I want to collect the boxes to go with the cartridges. I am interested in primarily EMPTY boxes so they can be shipped by mail. If known, I would like a scan or description of both the headstamp and profile of the cartridge the box contained.

Please send me, by clicking on the “EMAIL” button below a scan of at least the top of any boxes you have. I need ANY box from the oldest (1873) to the newest (2007).

Even if you have a box you do not want to part with, I would appreciate a scan, especially pre-1940, but also newer boxes for my reference file.