Wanted 7.7 x 54 rifle shells

Anyone willing to sell 7.7x54 cartridges have the old rifle but am running out of shells and don’t know where to get them.

Welcome to the Forum Sparky. If you are in Australia you will find cartridges at the Gun shows at Ballarat, Melbourne ,Bendigo and Shepparton. Naturally it is getting old and usually made by Super or Riverbrand. I am not sure if Bertram loads these but these would be the freshest ammunition you will find. Ron.

< info@avbtechservices.com.au > Brisbane,
For new 7.7x54R cases, boxer.
Factory ammo has not been made since late 1970s.
So any old ammo will either be dead or cracked.
Doc AV

Doc - no criticism here, just curiosity. Why would one assume that ammunition, for example as late as 1970, would be dead or Cracked. Most of us in the U.S. consider Milsurp ammo, again just an example, as being fairly fresh! I have shot ammunition in various calibers made even before WWII, without failures of any kind.

Again, simply curiosity.

John Moss

Dear John, one must take into account that most of Australian made (Super &Riverbrand) .303 based ammo was made from recycled Aussie military once fired (cordite) cases, with Berdan primers. New primers were RWS #1750 or later #6000
Both Noncorrosive and .250 dia.
The cases, being un-annealed due to original cordite load will crack with age.
Even with later( 1960s-70s) Boxer cases, there are still case and primer survival issues.

Whilst RWS primers are very good( I have some 1970s, and 1990s…still excellent)…it all depends on storage of ammo.
My Primers are all stored in moisture-proof USGI ammo tins
( .50 CAL). And I turn stock over regularly for my blank ammo
Business.My own historical (Berdan) reloading for target shooting relies on mostly very old cases-- 1930s mostly,
and Rather old Berdan primers…Eley, RWS, and Vihtavuori ( all 20-30 y.o.).
Yes, I do fire good quality Milsurp from the 30s…but it has been packed in sealed(airtight) tins.(8×56R, 7.9x57, etc.).
Most of the Aussie .303 sporting derivatives have been pn open shelves in temperatures varying from snowy winter to tropical heat and desert dryness to northern wet…we have seen what climate does to ammo.
Doc AV…down-under.

Hi Sparky,
I do realise this is an old query, but I was researching 7.7 X 54 ammo and this page came up.
I have 25 rounds if they are of use to you.
i`m not an ammo collector, purely collect variants of Lee Enfield rifles…
I have one full box of Riverbrand and 5 loose cartridges.