Wanted: Coyote Getter cartridge boxes

As per the recent topics about Coyote Getter cartridges, I am chasing examples of the packaging.
Top of the list is an example of the Commercial ‘Humane Coyote Getter Inc’ label over Western (or potentially other brand) box.
Also any boxes of:
Variations of the US Department of Agriculture made shells (or its various names over the years).
Pepper loads for training dogs to avoid the set devices.
A similar load from Sth Africa. Not sure how it would be marked.
For M44 Ejector poison capsules.

I am only wanting empty boxes due to the difficulty of shipping exceptionally dangerous live chemical cartridges (especially to Australia).



I still havent picked up a Coyote getter ammo box. This box is at the top of my want list.
Pics and info in these topics: