WANTED Early W-W steel shot shotgun shells


The shells shown below were an early W-W run of steel shot loadings dating back to about 1976-77. Its not certain that these were ever offered to the public but they were distributed to various outlets for test and evaluation. The hulls were the old poly-formed plastics with a plastic top wad and a roll crimp. They had 1 1/4 oz of #1,2 or 4 steel shot and had ‘high-brass’ heads. While the roll crimp was very unusual for W-W at the time (for plastic shells too), the fact that the plastic top wad has a crude W molded into it make these shells especially unusual. I would be VERY interested in obtaining examples of these, including a box.


Still interested in these shells, even though I have 1 example now, and especially the box… empty or otherwise.