WANTED - German 7,92x57 headstamp " eej S* 6 42 "

wanted: German 7,92x57 casing (or complete round) headstamp " eej S* 6 42 "


I’m looking for a German 7,92 x 57 case (or complete round) with headstamp " eej S* 6 42 "

There were several types issued that used this particular headstamp ( SmK, SmK-L’Spur, SmK-L’Spur-Trop, SmK L’Spur-V, B-Patrone-trop, Panzergeschoss)…

Any type (except the B-Patrone) will do perfect, as i just need the (intact) shell to complete a PZ-geschoss i have. (see image)



i128.photobucket.com/albums/p162 … c74878.jpg

Ok, I have an " eej S* 6 42 " S.m.K.L’Spur in VG condition if that suites you. What are you offering, plus postage of your choice. My email is xjda68@hotmail.com.


Thanks for contacting me, Joe. When you can, please send me your complete e-mail address or e-mail me at jabels@mindspring.com. Thanks in advance.


Oh, sorry. I do not know how that happened. My email is xjda68@hotmail.com

Thank you to everyone who contacted me about this. I posted this ad for a overseas collector and friend and thanks to, Joe, we now have a very nice example.