Wanted:Headspace, Chamber & Ammunition Guages

I am posting this for IAA member Rainer Schneck from Germany who has had no success getting on the B-S-T forum.
Bob Ruebel

Wanted:Headspace-, Chamber- and Ammunition-Gauges.
I´m looking for official-issued/used or government-issued/used Headspace -, Chamber- and Ammunition-Gauges.
Please no civilian-market gauges made by Forster, Lyman, Clymer etc.
USA: .30-06 Drawing no. C7719 A to S (except A = 1,940 and G = 1,946); 30-40 Krag; .45 ACP; 5.56 Nato; 9mm Luger; .38.
All government issued small-arms-caliber up to .50 Browning.
Contact: Rainer Schneck; e-mail: rainer308@yahoo.de
Many thanks for your support,

Best regards

Rainer Schneck

tried to contact him with the e-mail noted but it bounced back as undeliverable.

Had photos attached.