WANTED- Line throwing items

Want to buy these sorts of line throwing items:
Brass rod projectiles for .50 caliber
Brass rod projectiles for .45 caliber
US Coast Guard .30 caliber projectiles, heavy or light weight
US Coast Guard .30 caliber projectile- “bouyant” type with plastic float head
US Navy .45 caliber projectile- “bouyant” type with plastic float head
US Navy Mark 87 line throwing kit that attaches to M14 or M16 rifles, and the rubber projectiles used with these

British .303 line throwing rods

Line throwing ammunition- various types

Line used with line throwers- cotton, linen, synthetic, on original spindles or loose.
Line rewinding machines.

Smith & Wesson Chemical line throwing rocket and ignition cartridges
Schermuly type line throwing rockets

Line throwing guns of all types- cannons, rifles (especially U.S. M1903 or M1917and British/Canadian No 4 Lee Enfield), purpose made short barrel line throwing guns by H&R, Winchester, Stevens, Coston, Naval Company, etc.

Books and manuals related to line throwing for navy/nautical or fire department, forestry, construction or other uses.
Photos showing line throwing guns and ammunition in use.
Please PM or email. Thanks for your help!

There is a local shop here in the Seattle area who happened to have a complete cased line throwing gun. No idea if it was for sale or still there, but what was incredible to see!