'Wanted' list


I am after the following military cartridges for my collection. If you have duplicates of any of these available for sale please contact me;

7.62x39mm M43 SKE East German Armour Piercing - purple tip.
5.56x45mm Tracer (REM-UMC) with red tip - not orange!
7.62x49mm T93 Armour Piercing.
7.62x51mm T102 Tracer.
7.62x51mm XM276 Starlight Tracer - pink tip.
7.62x51mm XM276 Starlight Tracer - white over pink tip.
.303 Belgian Incendiary - yellow tip.
7.62x54mm T30 Tracer - Soviet pre 1950 mfr.
7.9x57mm Nahpatrone.