Wanted - Sako boxes and catalogs

As a recent post of mine pointed out, I am starting a sako ammo section of the collection. Very limited in size and variety at the moment but that just means almost anything will catch my attention!
Looking for any Sako boxes, especially the older commercial varieties but anything up to current production. Empty is fine and is actually easier for shipping.
Sako catalogs - any language, any date. Firearms catalogs ok but particularly after ones with ammo.
Promotional gear relating to Sako ammo woud also be great.

Thanks for reading.

Still looking for SAKO items.
Also adding SAKO reloading kits to the list - plain boxed sets with small SAKO logo.


I have a 7x33 Sako box with a few rounds left.

Regards Alex

I have a extra box of the 8.2X57 l that I posted a while back. If you will be at the St Louis show I can bring it it is full.