Wanted SS109 sectioned pictures

I am looking for cross section pictures of different SS109 bullets. I was told that the Hirtenberger steel ‘penetrator’ is larger than other steel ‘penetrators’ in the SS109, 62gr bullets. All of the SS109 bullets that I have opened up seem to have the same steel insert.

Can anyone provide any information on this?


I have a sectioned East German made version of the 5.56x45 SS109 cartridge. Would a scan of that posted here be of any help to you, or are you familiar with that one already. I cannot comment on how it compares to other bullets of the same basic caliber and type in construction, as this caliber is normally out of my field. Ihave it because I collect all metallic cartridges made in the DDR.

I don’t just post it as I have to ask a friend to do it, and don’t want to bother him if it is not needed. I will gladly do it if it is needed, though, as will he.

I decided to go ahead and post this picture, since I already had it anyway in my scan file. From left to right: Ball round; sectioned ball round; blank. All made by Factory 04 (K

Thanks for the nice picture, John.

Anyone else have any bullet section images of different SS109s?