Wanted - US Steel 105MM M148A1B1 Cases w/ELEC120 Primers

I am hoping to buy one to three US made 105MM Steel M148A1B1 fitted with an ELEC M120 Primer. Apparently this case/primer configuration is very common but I have only come across one in the past few years. I need these cases/primers to match up with some rare US 105MM APFSDS-T projectiles that I have so I can make a sectioned round out of them. I’d be happy with just the primers if available as I have a bunch of M148A1B1 cases already. The ELEC M120 Primer tube travels up the center of the case stopping 7.25 inches from the case mouth opening.


Here is the 105MM M148A1B1 Case Fitted With An “ELEC M120 Primer” with an inert Tungsten M735 APFSDS-T Projectile.