WANTED: Wisconsin Cartridge Collector


Hello, all. I’m working on a major firearms price guide, and I have a 16-page color section to fill. I’d like to feature collectible cartridge boxes. Are there any cartridge collectors in or near Wisconsin who’d like to participate? All expenses will be paid & free books will be given to participants.


Dan Shideler
Standard Catalog of Firearms


I’ve already received numerous replies to this post. Here’s some additional info:

Some very generous & kind collectors have written to ask why it is necessary for the collector to be in Wisconsin. THis is because my budget is somewhat limited as to paying travel expenses. I suppose if expenses were kept to under $600 or so, it wouldn’t matter where the collector comes from. It will be a one-day shoot with one overnight’s lodging supplied in addition to reimbursement of expenses.

I am looking for the old lithographed-style boxes: very colorful with interesting graphics. They can be shotgun, rimfire or centerfire. I would appreciate it if the contributor(s) could furnish rarity & value info about any boxes photographed.

The photography – to take place in beautiful Iola, Wisconsin – will consist of set shots (i.e., posed pix). Therefore I don’t think emailed digital pix will work, though I really appreciate the offers of such.

Thanks much,