WANTED308 COR-BON, not the 308 Winchester, or (7.62x51 NATO)


308 COR-BON, not the 308 Winchester, or (7.62x51 NATO) This proprietary cartridge may or may not of been produced for sale to the general public? It was announced at the 1999 (SHOT SHOW) but never took off for some reason. Basically it is a short, large diameter magnum cartridge like the short Lazzeroni, and later Winchester’s Super Short and Short Magnums and then Remington’s
Short magnums and now Hornady’s RCMs (Ruger Short Magnums).
I don’t know if they were ever put out on the market and if so what the head stamp reads?
Interested in any more information on the caliber. COR-BON isn’t talking ?
Also looking for one cartridge or a full box for my collection,
Thank You,
Dave Call
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