Wanting Tungsten Alloy Armour Piercing Rounds

Making my annual request for any modern high performance armour piercing rounds that are utilizing tungsten alloy penetrators.

MEN - DM31, DM151, DM91
THUN Swiss - T/223, T/P/308, T/300 win mag, T/.338lm
Lapua Finland - 7.62, .338lm

Also any British Tracer Trials from the 1960’s, 7.62 US dim tracers (M276), SLAPS, incendiaries, and spotter/ explosive rounds.
Or any round, under .50bmg, that seems cool inside if it were sectioned.

Please contact if you have anything willing to spare. Paying cash $. Can be picked up at SLICS or will pay postage for delivery.
Thanks Kevin Gross