Wards auction comment


I see he has a NPE British Mk V flare cartridge case by J. Pain & Sons (lot 4290) listed as a 5 gauge shotshell.
I realize no one is perfect, but his listings drive me crazy.


Hello, I totally agree with you,
some cartridges with typical benet’s primer are listed are martin’s primed or bar’s primed…


What looks to me to be an ordinary .50-50 Maynard described as a, “MODEL 1865, 50 - 50 MAYNARD POULTNEY’S PAT”.
However there are a lot of nice cartridge books listed including one of Chris Punnett’s .30-06 books.


Of the common auction sites I don’t think there is much proof going on. They just take the sellers word as it is too difficult to check every one. The strangest was a .11 whatitiz dingbat, went for over $40 as a rimfire experimental.


Yes, I remember that one. I emailed them about it but it didn’t seem to help.


Reason why I brought this up was most knowledgeable collectors will likely figure out what things are without much of a description, but new collectors might well get burned & say forget this.


You are exactly on target! And that is a service this Forum can provide-helping the new collectors not get taken! It is not only Wards. For years there were 9mms offered on GB as for the personal body guard of the King of Qatar or some such, and they were ordinary Egyptian ammo. I should have posted a notice on this Forum but I didn’t. Bad on me!

New collectors ought to ask questions here and old time collectors ought to give heads up here. I will try to do better.



I sent them an email also but no response.


It depends on if the seller pays the fee to have them identify So it may not be the sellers description it could be there’s.

Greg Martin


Maybe I am wrong but I would think they would have at least a basic responsibility to their customers to make sure the descriptions offered are correct. Not to mention protecting their own reputation.
Like I say I could be wrong.



You are NOT wrong. I no longer participate in said auctions based upon past negative experiences.



I find that this sort of problem works both ways, as in not only does it confound and disappoint bidders who wind up with the wrong item, but it also leaves for other items which are under-described, and listed as generic, but which are actually rare items if they can be recognized by the bidder. It seems though, that the trend leans quite a bit more towards hyping something up and being over-described as a rare item when it is not, as opposed to the other way around. Happens on Gunbroker plenty.


In ammunition and gun collecting, the most over-used word
in the English Language is “rare.”

John Moss


John I agree as I go through the auctions the word “rare” or “scarce” to me are words used to avoid the item as if they truly are, they would not be offered with out a guaranteed minimum bid. But it comes down to anything you are buying “let the buyer beware” or better yet Be Aware!!