Wards auction

Does anyone else hate the format of Ward’s auction with a passion? If I’m Ward’s, then I would absolutely not change a thing because they are making a KILLING, but from the bidder perspective, to be sitting up at night on the east coast until 3:00am and presuming that your items are somewhat secure since it’s been 5 hours since any bidding happened on them, only to wake up and see that someone sniped you out somewhere around 4:00am when the timer apparently started to wind down below 30 seconds - it’s just preposterous. There is a reason that not one single other online auction operates in this way (resetting the ENTIRE auction with a 60-second clock if even only one item is bid on elsewhere in the auction). And talk about online-only collectors driving prices up… Some things in there going for 5 times their nominal value. But yeah, if I’m Ward’s don’t change a thing - probably making a Killing. I wont waste time bidding again unless they switch it to resetting individual items only with a 5 to15 minute clock or whatever, something like what Gunbroker does perhaps.

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I quit Ward’s auctions a long time back because of just what you described and for miss representing the quality of the items being sold.

Case in point, a WW2 twelve round .45 Colt box for the Royal Canadian Navy with contents. Listed as being in EXCELLENT condition. When it arrived it was readily apparent that something caustic had been spilled on the back of the box which had eaten holes in the box and most of the cartridges were heavily corroded. Other boxes that I managed to win at auction were also listed as being EXCELLENT for both the box and contents. When the boxes arrived the cartridges they contained were covered with large spots of corrosion.

The interpretation of the word “EXCELLENT” as used by Ward’s and my interpretation do not even come close to being the same. So to eliminate the frustration on my part I quit paying any attention to Ward’s auctions.

Caveat emptor = buyer beware definitely applies


what drives me up the wall is all the incorrect lot identifications

I just won two sealed FA .45 M-1911 boxes in a lot of three boxes described as 3 sealed FA .45 M-1911 boxes, but the 3rd was a .45 M-1909 Revolver box. All for $11.00 + S&H & etc, Guess I shouldn’t complain?

BUT I AM, complaining. because their photos & descriptions just drive me up the wall.

Plus the fact he runs so many 22 boxes the market has fallen out the bottom, except for Robin Hood, that is.

I wonder whose .45 M-1911 box collection that was, but I’ll bet it was Butch Daubner’s.

A friend of mine had a large number of items in the auction. I had several items in the auction and I was bidding on several items. I agree the 1 min system is stupid. The auction is on for about 30 days why have the 1 min. rule. The auction didn’t close until 1:06 AM PST!! the people in other parts of the US and elsewhere get shut out. I want to thank the individual who bought item #4010! Not in my wildest dreams did I think this box of E. Remington .44’s would go anywhere near that much. The photo’s and/or lack of them is an issue. and descriptions are not good even when you provide an accurate ID and description for them to use. They happened to be coming through this area collecting items for this sale and my friend had them stop and pick up nearly 750 pounds of cartridges and other items. I had 3 rifles and some cartridges in the auction. Take the good with the bad I guess. Financially this was a good deal for me. I sold 2 Win 70 Super grades that were languishing on consignment in a local shop. They sold for what I had been asking. The Rem. cartridges were a bonus.

That was a great box Dave, one that was new to me. Although I didn’t bid, I’d sure have like to have one.

Auctions are always a “Buyer Beware”.

I ask questions about anything I bid on there, and he gets back to me same day, every time. He will even take extra pics of you ask. Since there is so much time, just do it early on.

As far as the price thing, I just put in what the most I’d pay is right before bedtime, and don’t worry about it. I don’t like that reset either, but I’m not sitting up until 3am. You would have to never take your eye off it to be sure.

I, too, have issues with Ward’s. First, the descriptions often give you no idea what you’re bidding on! There is NO excuse for this except that they must be hoping that people will buy things they don’t want. I imagine it is not fraud, but it IS inexcusable. Second, the (ONE!) photo often doesn’t give you any information beyond the too-often incorrect description. Third, I don’t have time and can’t control my aggravation to ask them by phone for additional information. Fourth, I will never again consign anything to them again. I consigned a few guns and about 50 sets of dies (some rare) to them. The guns DID go for about what they were worth, but some very expensive and some pretty rare die sets went very little. In almost all cases, less than $30 per set. What was worse was that, over the next year, I emailed them twice and personally called Eric’s phone twice to withdraw the rest of my dies. I never got a reply in any manner. As I write more of this, I get angrier and angrier about it. To me, this is only a short step away from fraud.

Here’s a serious proposal: I intend to boycott their auctions from now on and hope you’ll join me in doing so.

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I don’t think I have ever had any dealings with Ward’s Auction that I have ever felt happy about when all was said and done. Buying or selling. I often see items that are incorrectly Identified. So I will email them about it. Most often I never hear anything in reply and nothing about the item is changed or corrected either. When I do get a response it is usually something like “Our EXPERT has described it as a (whatever it is suppose to be)”. and again nothing changes or is corrected. “Buyer Beware”

I have never had any problem with WARDS except for the minute reset, they have always been very helpful and courteous. As any auction, you will get what some one else thinks its worth! not what you think its worth!