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On the current auction they have this item listed #4575, S. U.M.C. H. 40-82’’, oval cop. pri., Blk. case Armorers Func. Dummy, FP TIN RN. Did UMC have blackened case during that time period?

The earliest UMC blackened dummy cases were painted. Sort of a semi-glossy black lacquer & were used only in-house for a short period of time until chemically blackening was put into use. Apparently they went around the works, gathered any function dummies on the benches, painted & returned them.

Lou Behling wrote an article on this for the Remington Society of American Journal, see pg 24, 3rd quarter of 1996.

This happened late (Nov.) in 1944 when Remington began using the new S.A.A.M.I. identification when proof and dummy loads changed to silver and black.

So If this headstamp and case type was being loaded at that time? (My thoughts are probably not with the solid head marking) The .40-82 is not mentioned as having been painted, but i know this list is not complete as Jim T. has a .58 Musket painted black.

The only blackened UMC case in my collection is headstamped “U.M.C. .25-25.”. It has a flat nickel primer, a lead bullet, and has a chemically blackened case. It is THOUGHT to be a proof loading (by both Jim Tillinghast & I).

Edited to add (along with a few other bits).
Dummy Loads:
" Black Oxidized cases with (3) three holes drilled in the side of the case and a hole drilled in the empty Primer cap"

I looked at this lot & don’t honestly know what it is, but I must say it does look good, but whether it’s right or wrong?

Where’s GWB when you need him?

The bullet is most certainly not right for a U.M.C. .40-82…for a function dummy, if this is what it really is, the bullet should be the “standard” 260 grain flat point lead bullet used in this cartridge…