WARNING ! Big Files take a long time to load!

On the Home Page Links, DO NOT try to open Small Arms Ammunition Identification Guide Vol I.

Maybe it’s just me but I tried to open it and it locked up my PC big time. I had to shut down and re-start. Then I had to run my Anti Virus programs and re-set some of my defaults. It took me 1/2 hour to get back on line.


Ray- The link is good and the file is okay.

This is the 1984 edition of the Defense Intelligence Agency Small Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide, Volume 1, small arms cartridges up to 15mm.

The problem is that it is a 10.11 MB file of a 323 page document with lots of images in .pdf format. It just takes a very long time to load. Figure about 15-20 minutes with a DSL connection, or a week or so on a dial up connection.

I suspect your lock up came if you tried to move around on the document before it was all downloaded, and if you dont have a lot of RAM memory, your computer just got hopelessly lost among all the stuff being downloaded.


I’m sure you are right. I am a computer ignoramus and assumed it was the cold weather freezing all of the cyber bytes.

If my warning keeps others from making the same mistake, it was worth it.



Just some general tips and thoughts…
With big files (like PDFs, Word docs, PPTs and even some images) and not so fast computers or slow internet connections, right click and save the file to your hard drive. Then open the file locally. This becomes an independent operation, rather than having IE or Firefox load in a secondary program and caching the entire file. Your computer will thank you. Big files loading into Acrobat under Firefox or IE can be a little bit of a sticky wicket on some machines. Make sure your Acrobat is up to date as well.

For big .pdf files, I use the program GetRight to download the file directly to my hard drive. This is a real time saver with huge files, particularly for users who still have dial-up internet connections. The nice thing about GetRight is that if the download is interrupted, it can reconnect and resume downloading at the point where the connection was lost. Without the program, you typically lose everything that has been downloaded so far whenever a connection is lost, and have to start downloading the entire file all over again. I can’t count the number of times where I had been nearly finished downloading a huge file after hours of waiting, and then lost the connection to the download site. On multiple occasions, this situation repeated itself several times with the same file. GetRight put a stop to this frustation.

Unfortunately, some websites don’t support resuming downloads, but these are thankfully in the minority.

10,1M 58 sec. ?

I took christopherb’s advice and it’s the only way to go from now on. Took about 3 minutes to save to my desktop and I was able to open and read it immediately. This computer is amazing once you figure out how to use it.

Thanks christopherb