WARNING to I.A.A. member



I just got this PM this morning and I will guess this is from a spamer.
Do NOT reply if you get PM like this.


Thanks, Alex!


If you receive such spam from a registered user, please notify a staff member immediately so we can remove the account ASAP. Some of these vermin are pretty sneaky! This one apparently sought to avoid official detection by not posting on the forums.



I receved the same PM. I could not figure out why the guy had picked me to ask a general question and had not posted it on the forum instead. Does anyone know what happens if you respond to this PM?


Also PM from this individual.


I have no idea of what might happen if one responded - there could be some malware attached to it, it might direct you to a site where such could be installed on your system via spyware, it might simply verify that the PM system worked and he could then use it for spam . . . many possibilities come to mind and I’m sure I am aware of only a few. For sure, the first thing I would have done if I received same is to delete it.

Bottom line, never respond to spam in any venue - not even to “opt out” as it merely confirms a valid address.




I checked the membership list… he doesn’t show up on it? If you’ll PM me his email address, I’ll answer his question and see what happens? I beleive I have enough virus protection to combat most things. I’ve played with computers for years, viruses (if dealt with properly) are an anoyance, but generally not fatal.

It could be that he really wants an answer to his question? The only problem is I really dont know the answer, is 22 cal brass purer than centerfire brass?




OK, PM’s remain on this site, your e-mail address isn’t viewable to the receipent (any more than it is when you reply to a post).

I refered him to www.olinbrass.com and suggested he ask them. I also mentioned the alloy numbers most commenly used in ammo production.

In return, I received a two word response “Thank You”



I killed the acct., which is why you don’t find it.



In my naivite, I’ve answered his PM question as well (mainly that the guy who buys his brass is dumb if he pays nearly 100x as much for .22 brass than for centerfire brass :-D )
I have not received a response and I don’t expect one. So, I think there’s no problem at all.