Warwolf Ordnance

Warwolf Ordnance has been operating for at least 1 year now as a division of Garnet Ammunition out of Post Falls, Idaho. They load specialty 12ga loads of many types, mostly Dragon’s Breath, Pepper blast, Rock Salt, 0000-buck, multishot, and all sorts of 5rd-pack oddballs.

Several images are below from their website, and a few images of some ammo I received recently, notably the “Trump 2020” 00-buckshot which has red, white, and blue buckshot and a Trump MAGA overshot card. The “Nuclear Fallout” is apparently the world’s hottest 12ga pepper blast load, with pepper compound from the Trinidad Scorpion pepper among others… The operator’s name is Kip, and he likes doing custom overshot cards, such as the “Smile, wait for the flash” card on the “bomb shock” mini blanks.

10ga blk%20rain double dragon key reaper

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Yikes - incredible display of what is in Norway known as “harry”…
Especially the POTUS round!!
What genuine use anyone, anywhere, could ever have for rounds launching pepper spices that can literally kill someone through respiratory failure and/or cardiac arrest is completely beyond me.


Here in the US, “harry” & cheesy often go hand in hand with some folks wanting to “Fly the Flag”. It’s marketing, last year CCI came out with .22 Long Rifle rounds with red and green colored bullets to celebrate Christmas, although not exactly Santa on the packaging. See nothing’s scared…
PLUS look at the sales of Zombie ammunition, then these pepper rounds and other stuff like the below ( disclaimer- I have this one just because it’s so off-line) appeal to some folk and hey, why not?
To paraphrase “if you make it they will buy it”

I read a book on Civil War artillery where when troops on either side ran out of “grape shot” and they needed to keep up the barrage, they used their uniform buttons, belt buckles, pencils, anything they could stuff down the barrel in a hurry. What a way to “win” a war!

Just letting folks know that we officially changed our name from Garnet Ammunition Inc (Post Falls, ID) to War Wolf Ordnance Inc., We make custom shotgun Ammo. The pics above are a sampling of what we have. You can also check out our web store www.warwolfordnance.com

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Love the Trump cartridge, Democrats should collect that one :-)