Was My last post deleted by someone?


I’ve lost a post and contact info to a member.
Would be nice for someone to contact me about moving post or deleting them so I know what’s up. Even if it didn’t pertain info on ammunition. It’s still a discussion board.



This is the “NEW” and “IMPROVED” forum, still going thru some growing pains. Possible it dashed your post without human intervention. And if it was too far off subject, the moderators are always upfront if something goes over the line. They’ll let you know before the post is moved. Discounting the “discussion board” aspect, there’s still rules. Got whip marks to prove it. :-)



LifelongNRA–I’m the mean old ogre who usually does the dirty work of either moving a post or deleting it. I’m pretty liberal with what I allow, but sometimes I just have to do it. I suspect you are talking about the post about gun sights. I deleted it because, as John S. said, it just did not belong on our forum. I normally send an email to the poster explaining why I am deleting their post. I guess I failed in this case to do so. For that I apologize. But, this Forum is primarily about collecting cartridges and almost anything can be posted as long as it somehow is connected to cartridges and not just guns. While some of our members do collect guns, most do not. And most that do are also on the major gun related Forums and can be contacted though those forums.

If I should find it necessary to delete another one of your posts, I will be sure to explain why. If you have any questions about if something is appropriate for this forum or not, you can always send me an email. Just click on “EMAIL” at the bottom of every post.