Washington Navy Yard (WNY)

Excellent museum, no surprise, it is on a naval base, owned by US Navy. Highly recommended, especially for those who like ship models and those who love submarines. I am posting here only the outdoor exhibition, the indoor items are unique and MANY, I’ll post the indoor items in separate posts. Enjoy.
P.S. Any of my future posts named (WNY) will refer to the WNY indoor exhibition.

Vlad, thanks a lot for this post!

Great to see the 14-inch projectiles and all the other seldomly seen guns and armor plates etc…

When you start the thread on the interior exhibition you may put up links in both treads connecting them so a casual reader will not miss the 2nd half.

As I understand it, entrance to the museum is now restricted because it lies within the navy base where a contractor went on a killing spree a year or two back. You are supposed to have some sort of official ID or permit to get in (ironically, the killer had such a permit anyway so that doesn’t make much sense…). I was disappointed by that, since I was recently in DC and had a spare day so WNY was high on my list of things to do, until I checked their website and read about the restrictions.

Vlad, thank you for the photos! You take some nice shots for sure!

I myself encountered no restrictions besides a request (order?) to take outside photos directed only towards the river, meaning no photos of the buildings on the base. This shows in a couple of very awkward angles of my pictures, filming from the side in order not to photograph inland. Some things outdoors I couldn’t film at all because of their position. The museum building was an exception. Inside the museum no restrictions at all. Actually the base is quite neat, old red brick buildings.
Also, don’t delay your visit. There is a talk of improvements and renovations, which, as we saw in case of Aberdeen and Patton museums, ends up in crating and nothing else. If you can’t see it, it’s like it does not exist.