WCC 05 NATO 5.56mm Ammo with grey tip

A friend of mine showed me these 5.56mm nato rounds that he has and he is wondering about the projectiles themselves. The headstamp has the Nato symbol at 12 o’clock, 05 at 5 o’clock and WCC at 7 o’clock.

They might be some version of Winchester’s jacketed frangible, index number: USA556JF The ones I have seen did not have this gray coating on the tip though. If you can scratch into the tip then it would reveal if it is soft lead, or sintered copper (frangible)

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It’s a Black Hills RRLP 62 Gr load.



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Thank you.

Some additional information:

5.56 x 45mm MK 255 MOD 0 RRLP 2006 US (White- Gray Tip, Black Hills Ammunition, Frangible).pdf (197.4 KB)