Wcc slap

I found these two rounds today. The sabot design is very interesting.
Does any one have photo’s of the sabot alone or one of the cartridges sectioned ?

S L A P on left - Tracer on right

The head stamp is WCC at 12 o’clock , S L A P at six and the two digit date split at 9 and 3.

Better photo’s soon . The camera was set on " thru glass " in an effort to see the projectiles inside the sabots.



JOURNAL #343 has a photo of the '85 sectioned. It’s a dark photo and you can’t see much detail. If you have a hard copy it will probably be better.

#433 has a great article by Jim Frigiola that shows them all. A must read if you want to know about the SLAPs. Headstamps by Otto Witt.

And see:

iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … 92236761cf

Good collectables. Not especially hard to find but not common either.

Saboted Light Armor Penetrator


Thanks Ray! I wanted to know what SLAP stood for. Those are cool rounds.


I apologize to Jim Frigiola. He was the author of the SLAP article in the JOURNAL. Otto Witt provided the headstamp photographs.


I have sectioned SLAP AP and the equivalent tracer. I’ll phograph them in the next couple of days and post photos.


Did they serve as idea for Remington’s accelerated rounds?

I would not like to guess whether the SLAP rounds inspired Remington’s Accelerator round or the other way around, or neither.

While Remington’s Accelerator round was introduced in 1977 the development work was done in the very early 1960s (see US Patent 3164092 - Reed, Bescher, Dickey). PATEC (Pacific Technica), who assisted in developing the DUDS round, was working on plastic sabotted small caliber rounds in about 1960. Since I know nothing of the larger calibers and when plastic sabots were first used on those, I defer to the likes of Jason to enlighten us there.

Chris P.

I wish I knew more about these but unfortunately, I do not. I do have a bunch of experimental PATEC APDS and APFSDS projectiles with plastic sabots in 20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm, and 40mm, but know very little about them.

I was recently given a bunch of great company ammunition brochures by a good friend and one of them is a Winchester Military Ammunition OLIN catalog. It shows some really neat 7.62mm & 50cal SLAP rounds. I’ll scan and post the pics and info next in case they are of interest.


Here are some scans of the 50cal SLAP bullets in the Winchester brochure. I’ll scan the 7.62mm SLAPs next.

I am really bad with computers and for some reason the scans are HUDGE. Even when I try shrinking them in photobucket they are still big files. If anyone minds they are free to shrink them. So srry


Jason -no lack of interest here…
Is there a patent # for this specific Winchester sabot design ?

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this so far especially Ray.


WOW -Thanks Jason

That is exactly the information that I am looking for…

Totally stoked they are helpful Glenn! I’m almost done scanning the 7.62 SLAP pages for you. Back in a min.


Here are the brochure scans on the 7.62mm Winchester SLAP bullets. Sorry again about the big pictures.



As promised here are the sectioned cartridges (thanks to Paul Smith). Top is the SLAP round, botton is the tracer.

Besides the US SLAP and Remington’s commercial accelerator crtridges, South Africa also explored the sabot’d cartridge for SAA. The goal was to overcome the excessive penetration seen with the regular 7.62 x51 ball cartridge. Evidently the project was successful in reducing penetration but accuracy was markedly reduced and the project was dropped. There are several different variations (bullet type and sabot design). Two are shown below.
Headstamps are A79 7.62 R1M1 (top) and A78 7.62 R1M1 (botton).

If anyone has other RSA accelerators for trade or sale, please contact me via PM.

Awesome pics and info! Paul is off the charts incredible at his art form.


I was curious as to what powder is used in the M948 SLAP and I just found this patent .

For this proposed 7.62 mm SLAP round the government specified WC680 powder, an oblate spheroidal powder made by Olin at St. Marks, Fla.

patentstorm.us/patents/48418 … ption.html

US Patent 4574703 - High velocity ammunition sabot

US Patent 4653404 - High velocity notched ammunition sabot

Don’t the Remington Accellerator cartridges use both a special powder and a special primer?

There are a bunch of saboted cartridges out there in collections. Not just military but commercial as well. I even have one wildcat with a hand made sabot. Somebody who has a collection of them ought to post a narrative and photos. I’m sure Pepper has more than we could expect to see in a lifetime but how about some of you other guys too?


If you go to some of the auction sites, their are TONS of various sabot parts available to re-loaders to make similar and crazy wild saboted cartridges. Here are pictures of just a tiny portion of what I saw available. I think some of these are for black powder weapons, not 100%?