We are now shipping to California!

Forget it, judge over ruled, but you can still have it shipped to a free state!

Better check John Moss’ reply in the Cali Ammo Sales thread. The injunction has been overturned by another judge.

Figures, we need to get 10% of California’s 6 million gun owns to grow a set and start protesting…

The California gun owners have been protesting. Generally speaking, we will not stoop to the depths of the type of protests you see from the left wing, generally resulting in violence, vandalism and theft from stores, the owners of which might well be of their own party, and when over, with the area filled with garbage, drug paraphernalia and worse. It is far more productive to act thru the NRA and the California Rifle and Pistol Association, but remember who rules California. It is a party with total disregard for the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. They don’t care a bit about protests from those seeking parity of rights with most of the rest of the country. They pander only to the ignorance of the lemmings in their party voters on the left, which unfortunately are in the majority in this State. When I was growing up, had the State and Local governments rammed legislation like this down the throats of the people, Democrats and Republicans alike would have risen up in protest and thrown out a major portion of the type of ignorant fools that populate the State Government today. Power and money is the name of the game.

John Moss

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Protests do not have to be Violent, look at the 1,000’s of armed protest only a few months ago in Virginia
If people do not protest they get run over. Maine tried to pass 10 anti-gun laws last year, we only have 1.5 million in the state, and more guns per capital then most states.
over 2,000 protested showed to protest on every one of the 10 bills, on different days and not one of those bills passed.
California has 6 million gun owners, get 600,000 (only 10%) to protest at one time in the State capital, and you maybe surprised… .
We also do not have to registered firearms in the state and can sell them without an FFL.

Easier than it sounds. Virginia is a very small state, much easier to get things organized. No, protests don’t have to be violent. Those from the right side of the aisle generally are not, until attacked by left-wing hoodlums. I doubt that even a sizeable mass, in-you-face protest, to which I have no particular objection, would phase the government of a state run, basically, by four inter-related families.

I don’t understand you comments about selling firearms without an FFL? My understanding, as a 36 year veteran of the retail arms and ammunition sales, is that Federal Law requires it, whether state load does or not.

At any rate, all of this is a moot point. What will happen will happen. I simply rather resented the “grow a set” analogy. I don’t think most Americans in Free States can grasp the situation in the California Republic. They really believe they are above Federal law, including the United States Constitution, an opinion that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds by the political power in power here.

John M.

John, in Maine if you want to sell a firearm you own, you do not have to do an ATF background on the person you sell it too, if they are a Maine Resident and over 18 for a rifle, over 21 for a pistol.
That does not mean you can buy a gun this week and sell it the next, over and over again, that is considered a straw purchase for another person by the ATF and a Federal crime.
I have about 70 firearms , I have purchased over 62 years and when I decide to sell them off to go to the next life. I can sell them myself to a Maine Resident as I have owned them for years. Not sure I will, but I can.
Maine also has no State registration of any firearms you own.
Your correct moot point.
However, if our forefathers gave up their rights to England in 1772, we would all be still paying taxes to the British, but they may be less then we pay now :-) :-) :-)
Best to you John!
Stay Safe and Free…