Webmaster announcement- buy-sell-trade

The classified ads from the forthcoming IAA Journal 459 have been posted on the Buy-Sell-Trade forum.

We will be deleting the old link from the main IAA page to the separate “Classified ad” page in the near future.

Journal classified ads will be removed from the BST forum when those from the next issue are posted.

Check them out!


That is a great service you’re providing. Did you type all those by hand? If you did, it’s a REALLY great service.


PS - You guys who don’t belong to IAA, shame on you. But, anyway, what I wanted to say was that the Index of JOURNAL articles is updated periodically. It’s on the Home Page and you should check it out too. John and Chris put a lot of effort into keeping it up to date.


Maybe some people will believe I slave over a hot keyboard laboriously typing page after page of hand scrawled ads into neat and properly spelled pages and figure out how to add the dozens of new items to the cumulative Index every 60 days.

Actually IAA’s hardest working member, Chris Punnett does all that. He sends them to me as a neat little file of digits and I just do a bit of geek magic and it all shows up on the internet ready for everyone’s use.

That’s about all I know how to do, but I sure learn a lot hanging round with you guys. (And gals? Are there many lady cartridge collectors?? I only know of one- a .45 ACP collector in NM)

Heck, I’m not even a real cartridge collector!

There are lady cartridge collectors, though not many. There is one in Wisconsin that I’ve been sending a lot of cartridges to over the last couple of years. So far, she has a little of everything except shotshells in her collection - smart lady!

There is at least one lady collector who is a Forum member, so watch your language guys. Not you Guy, I mean guys, as in collectively. Old Ammo Guy is a gentleman (as far as I know).