Webmaster policy- pictures of sectioned ammunition

Since it has been discussed in another thread, I figured I would start a thread for the sole purpose of posting pictures of the sectioned items in our collections. From small rounds to large, if you have any cool pics of interesting sectioned items post some here if you can. Their is so much to learn from a sectioned item.

A note to the forum Execs and Moderators: Feel free to edit, modify or delete this thread in anyway you desire, especially if bigger and better plans are in the works down the road to create a “Sectioned Pictures”, area on the forum.

Also, I am not suggesting, encouraging or promoting that anyone who is not a expert / professional in this field ever attempt to section anything on their own. I am merely suggesting a common place to post your photos.


EVERYONE–Please keep in mind the Forum prohibition on discussions of HOW to section any cartridge.

Posting of the finished product (But NOT the steps to get to the finished product) are acceptable and encouraged. Please label each sectioned round as to what cartridge and load type it is. Headstamp information would be nice.

For future searching, lets make a convention that after the type of cartridge put (Sectioned).

Example: 7.9 x57 Mauser (Sectioned) S.m.K L’spur

Doing this will allow just the sectioned rounds to be noted from all the other threads about that cartridge.

Also, lets keep this as JUST a photo gallery. NO COMMENTS. Please post any comments as a seperate thread.