Website selling sectioned German MG151/20 and MK103/MK108 shells?

Does anyone know of an European website selling sectioned, inert German WW2 airplane gun shells?
Some time ago I stumbled across one, with a selection of different 2,0 and 3,0 cm shells such as the Minengeschoss and API rounds.

I have failed to find the website again and would immensely appreciate anyone pointing in the correct direction…


Ole, no real idea as for that.
But when you will attend German ECRA shows you may find specimen you can cut yourself.

Ole, Seems to me I ran across a British website that sold inert projectiles like you described. They were a bit pricey but were available. Let me do some digging. Tom from Minnesota

Alex; would like to do it, especially with Russian autocannon rounds. Going to have to put some money aside for some 23 and 30 mm variants.
Thanks a lot, you may very well be right in that the website was British. If you remember anything I’d appreciate a hint.

Thanks to you both,

I’m thinking of but I heard they can’t ship outside of the U.K. Will continue to dig. Tom from Minnesota