Weird 2 Part Shark Bang Stick Ammo?

My father brought this home from work today for me to post. Acoworker of his wants to know were to buy more of this type ammunition for actual use. I have never seen anything like it before. It has a modified 38 that fits inside another case. It also has some type of orange clip type thing. I am not sure how it functions.


This is an Aqua-Craft Sea-Way Fastload Powerhead Cartridge designed for submarine shark hunting. It uses a modified .30-30 Winchester drawing stage case and a shortened .38 S&W Special case as igniter. There are several patents related assigned to Rhett McNaier from Hawaii. The first one was applied in 1970. Check this two: 3,747,247 and 4,058,062.


That’s a neat item. Looking quickly at the first patent, it seems (?) the main advantage to this device was quick reloading? I had seen somewhere a device for underwater big fish use that had a 12ga. shell housed in the business end and I guess was what you call a “bang stick”.

Interesting that a mid-manufacture .30-30 case is used.

Not being an underwater adventure guy, (I don’t even sink well) I’ve always wondered what the noise would be like using such a device. Anyone with such experience out there?


Thanks for the great info guys! Do they still make this type of ammunition for this system? The person who gave it to my father would love to purchase live shells for some of dives.

It is pretty wild that is for sure. I have never seen anything like it before. I was just told that the entire thing is filled with powder and when fired the 38 ignites the powder in the 30-30 which exploads in the shark with the concentric rings in the 30-30’s headstamp area fragments???


This is funny!

I used this round and device in Tuamotu Ilds, Tahiti, september 1978!

By the way, a guy from some Jap TV channel wanted a demo and we took him with us in the boat, but, instead of sharks, we did kill a nice yellow tuna…-ca. 25 kg…)
Results were impressive, a deep hole in flank, approx. 25 cm wide…

So we had a fresh shashimi aboard!

It must be said that, maybe was it a bad lot, only three out of 10 rounds did function properly, other did misfire (lack of water tightness?)

I stil have one of the misfired rounds in my drawers, it is the one which is pictured in ECRA 's ECDV program.



Sorry, I forgot :

The device called here a Bangstick, is very close to the “LUPARA”, used overthere (Mediterranean), which uses a 12 or 16 Ga. round to propell a spike in head of the big fish… The only trouble is that you have to be damned close to the animal to do it properly so, it is most of time employed to “finish” it qickly when taken aboard.


So, if I understand the above correctly, it is a sort of an underwater Sarbacane except instead of blowing into it, one just sticks it perpendicular into a fish. What is an advantage of inverted shell being a projectile? Does it carry explosive charge? And what is the function of the plastic clamp?


Check out the patent No.Fede provided: … PN/4058062

Pretty much describes the basics but I can’t say where the plastic clip comes in as I quickly looked though the info. It may be there. Very interesting device that would seem to have merit for funciton if not reliability per Philippe’s experience.


Didn’t see anything on the web for availability. Would think your neck of the woods is a better place to look for them than my local shops!


I would think that the best place to find them would be your local SCUBA diving shops, especially now that we have the name of the device.

I doubt he will be able to find this ammo available but you never know. Ron, your idea about the Dive Shops is great. Especially since there is on on every corner in Miami and South Florida. I would think that if you need this type of device it would be better to buy something more current with available ammo. Sharks are cool in my book :-)

PS: Too cool that you actually used this device on a big tuna, Philippe! That is awesome!

I received some new information from the owner of this, sent to my father and forwarded to me.


[quote]I read through the posts. If your son wants to respond, here are some answers to the questions.

  1. Orange clip

Hi Jason!

Sorry for the tuna, not very ecological, but we ate it, and it was quite good!


No worries, Philippe :-)! I have nothing against “Bang-sticking” a tuna, especially for food. I am not really into the sport killing of sharks or anything else for no reason, but that is just me. If you eat it and it is not an endangered or threatened species, more power to you. Regardless, if everyone could only kill sharks, tuna or other large fish species with a handheld explosive stick apparatus I am sure populations would be drastically increased, haha! At least there is some sport and “Man” element to the catch :-) Anyhow, I really found this ammunition fascinating. Definitely something I have not seen before.


I’m guessing, with few exceptions, bang sticks are used, or at least intended for, use in a defensive mode vs hunter/killer use. Or maybe to dispatch a “catch”. Not up on those sports, but figure it might be a handy tool to have in hand in waters that are frequented by critters that are better at the hunting game. In/on their turf. Was going to make a joke about that tuna tasting just like a bald eagle, but decided not to.

I think you are right, Rick! I always thought they were defensive in nature. I wonder if you have to wear ear protection underwater when firing these things, especially in 12 gauge?


I trust there is a discount for the cleaning bill for the pants of the wet suit if these are used defensively!