Weird .30-06

The headstamp is “LC 45”. I don’t know if the projectile is original or not, it comes out freely. I learnt not to overlook such unusual ones, because Ray might say: “This is a rare experimental…”
So, what is it?

Hi Vlad,

is that an aluminum bullet or what kind of material is it ?
Does it really fit on the case because on the first picture it looks like
there is still some space left between case mouth and bullet ?


Yes, the bullet is either aluminum (US) or aluminium (UK). I’ll post the image of projectile fully inserted when I get home from work. Somehow I expected John Moss to chime in, any idea where he is? Was he at SLICS?

He is not on this forum anymore if I got him right last time I was in touch with him.

Not on the Forum anymore, and not at SLICS this year…unfortunately.