Weird early self defense 38 spl

I found this wierd 38 round while going through some old boxes yesterday, its not a bird load because theres only 3 internal pellets and the plastic? Used is pretty solid, brass is stamped R.P i think for the old remmington peters brand


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Hi Dunne, Looks like Mag Safe. Internet pic.

intetrnet Mag Safe
Mine is on nickel cased R-P 357 MAGNUM and says 68 gr. Swat load. No idea if yours is the same.

That is a Magsafe load from Joe Zambone’s company. Joe made many of his bullets from finished normal bullets by removing the core and replacing it with shot set into a plastic- material matrix. The projectile shown was probably originally a Remington Core-Lokt™ soft-nose hollow-point .38 or .357 Magnum bullet. The odd-tip shape posed no problem in loading into Revolvers.

If I am incorrect on the original bullet type, please, someone, correct me. I do not collect .38 Special cartridges, nor study them much. I had my own favorites for my own revolvers, normally target loads.

John Moss

Dan’s answer was not posted yet when I was typing mine. I see he also feels that there was a “Remington involvement” with the load. Sometimes Joe used loaded ammunition as a source for the primed case and bullet for his loads, so I am not surprised to see mention of Remington case in this instance.

Nice Picture Dan, Thanks for posting it!


Thanks that helps a lot! mines only labled R.P 38 spl