Weird Labeled 9-mm Browning Box

Here is another subject I know nothing about but am interested in. I found these pictures of a box of Browning 9mm ammunition with what looks like multiple labels layered over each other. Is this normal? Just kinda caught my eye.


Jason - the first label you show is quite normal. It is the standard label for Gustloff-Werk Hirtenberg, the name during the German control of Austria (Auschluss) from the late 1930s until 1945. (That is the simple answer, so I don’t have to look up all the details. No time right now).

Often a second labe is found in Spanish.

The second label you show, with the German eagle, I have not seen before. It is interesting, but simply repeats the other one with a less professional format (words not centered on the lines of print). Very interesting. Don’t know why they bothered with that label, which repeats the first.

The headstamp on that ammunition should be four equidistant “stars.”

That box seems to have 3 over lapped labels. ???

Thanks so much John! Incredibly detailed information. Always amazed by the wealth of information here.

It does look like possibly 3 lables?


Merely musing openly here, but it looks ‘dubious’ to me. As you mention John, the lettering is badly done, umlauts have vanished, and the overall content is sloppy, with an eagle tacked on. I may just be getting synical but it looks like some of the recent attempts to make something good, even more ‘appealing’ to collectors.
That said, its only my opinion.

Jonathan - I will make no real judgment on the label, but I can tell you that without it, this is a very common box of ammunition found on the market. There was a very big importation of this ammunition years ago, and due to the small number of these pistols in America (most of the large quantity of Swedish Model 07 Husqvarna, licensed copies of the FN-Browning Model 1903, were poorly converted to .380 auto by the importers) there wasn’t a lot of market for it. It still can be found at gun shows, cartridge shows, etc., at basically shooting prices.

The label does look odd to me. The Reichsadler is found on some post-Auschluss boxes from Austria. I am thinking primarily of 8 x 56R and 9 x 25m/m Mauser Pistol ammo with code P.635. However, it is part of the printed label, not a little stamp. That is not a stamp that was normally used on ammunition boxes to my knowledge, although I have seen some larger packaging, I think (cartons that some call “Trageschlaufe” after a marking that appears on the box).

Who knows. Would have to really have it in hand for examination to make any kind of real judgment on it. You bring up a good point though, believe me. It would go better with the pistol collectors that are not so aware of ins and outs of ammunition labeling, than with cartridge collectors.

Again, though, I am making no pronouncement of opinion on whether is is “falsch” or not. I simply don’t know. Despite having had many boxes of this ammo myself, and soaking some labels off, I have not seen this one. Usually, there is the German- language label shown, that is obviously original, and a Spanish-Language label on these boxes.