This forum is intended to help users use the features available with this new (to the IAA, at least) software package, regardless of their level of expertise.

** Note that, unlike many sites, the FAQ topics are [u]NOT[/u] locked.

The intention is to allow user input for further clarification, because the author is well aware he is not infallible! Please restrict comments on those threads to this purpose . . . e.g., "I don’t understand what is meant by . . . . "
– With your help, we can further refine these FAQs to the benefit of all.

Feel free to start your own threads in this forum to work with these features. Feel free to ask for help! The more comfortable you are, the more you will contribute. The more you contribute, the better we all will be. When you are done, just contact a staff member and we can “poof” the thread. Or leave it for future reference, if you choose. YOUR call.

And - truly - the only “dumb” questions are those not asked. So please don’t be shy, even if you have no prior experience. Just as our interest in this field began with that first specimen, we all have to start somewhere. The staff will give you all the technical assistance we can - you need only ask!

So . . . pull up a chair and enjoy [color=blue]YOUR[/color] site!