Welrod 32 and 9mm



kitsune.addr.com/Firearms/Si … Welrod.htm


A local guy made this page:




Nice article. Here’s a picture of one of mine:


Nice one psg1. I have never shot a welrod, but tried out a De Lisle carbine a long time ago. Weird sensation of a loud “Chink!!” sound from the firing pin and the next you hear is the buzzing sound of the bullet after ricochetting. No recoil, no ear muffs…


It’s nice to shoot, I think it’s very accurate. But the baffles inside has dried up, so mine is making some noise. I do have a project to try to replace the baffles with rubber, to see how silent I can get it. I have one I keep original for collecting, and this one, which I shoot. If ever you visit Norway, you may try mine.

Regards PSG-1


Nice welrod. These were rare in the UK even before the 1997 pistol ban. I read somewhere that most of them were destroyed after the end of the war to stop them falling into criminal hands.


There are quite a few here in Norway, I guess it’s leftover from the resistance and Stay Behind. Do you know if they used regular .32, or if they got special issued for the Welrod?


Unfortunately I do not know what sort of ammunition was used with them. TonyE may well know.


The ammo dropped by SOE air mail here 1942-5, were normal, factory standard .32 ACP. Don’t think a 9mm ever turned up in Denmark. .32 were subsonic anyway so no need for any special loadings.