Wenger 600 Nitro Express

I have a .600 Nitro Express case made by B.E.L.L. and headstamped:

“600 N.E.” at 12 O’Clock,
“85” at 3 O’Clock,
“WENGER” in a banner on top of a large “W” at 6 O’Clock, and
A strange symbol at that I cannot identify at 9 O’Clock.

Who was/is/were/are “WENGER”, is “85” a date, and what is the symbol? If no one knows the headstamp I am talking about I can draw the symbol in paint and post a picture of it.

Thanks in advance for any info.

I have the same cartridge. Joseph Wenger, Sabetha, KS. Don’t really know anything about him, just that he probably had a 600 Nitro built for him back then. The case is made by Brass Extrusion Lab. Ltd. Bensenville, IL.

I think you have identified the correct Wenger. I was exhibiting at a Salina or Lawerence Ks Gunshow in 1989 or 1990 and he saw several of the WENGER headstamped 600 ctgs that I had on my table. He was quite distressed at Jim Bell for selling his brass to others since he paid a large sum for a personalized bunter.
Mr Wenger told me that he had brass made due to the numerous 600 double rifles that he owned. He said he enough of the 600 NE Doubles to give each of his grandsons one each. He also stated that he had purchased the last H&H made 600 NE Double at a International Safari Club auction, and he received a letter attesting that this was the last 600 NE Double H&H was going to make. He claimed that he believed that Feldstein was later interested in the 700 NE project when He ( Wenger ) refused H&H permission to turn out more 600 NEs.
Cal Boethin later told me that he believed the story I was told to be correct. Since Cal has left us, we might get another KCCA member to tell us if they know if the story I got was true as I remember it.
Mr Wenger did sit and visit with me for a while, quickly forgiving me for having some of his headstamped cases. I do think that the headstamp WENGER ( banner ) is one of the more attractive Headstamps I own.

So I guess that Mr. Wenger was a rich man interested in English double rifles. Is he the head of a company or anything that I might know?