Went to the Coeur D'alene Idaho Ammunition Show / 2021

I have gone to the show every year, and always found several things. Today I found a full 500 round brick of Remington 22 LR that has dog bone boxes in it. I have always loved the green and red boxes, was surprised to see a fairly plain box (well there were two bricks, but i just bought one).

In addition, picked up a full WW2 german 9mm box

And a small, 6 cartridge box of grenade for a carbine - I had never seen a small box, so I bought it

And this very pretty Winchester Velo box of ammo (2 rounds in it)

I know the covering I put on them this afternoon squishes them a bit, but I have dropped and ruin more than one box.


Years ago, I had three, 2 full, one partial, of the R17L 50 round boxes which turned out to be copper washed steel cases. They disappeared REAL QUICK when I took them to, IIRC, the old Northwest Show in either Tacoma or Everett.


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If possible,headstamp on the velo dog ctgs please.


here are some additional pictures


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A label variation. with the contends and side labels (other than the “Staynless”) are the same as shown above.
WRACo Velo dog box


nice 5.5mm (also called 5.7mm but same round) velodog made in USA

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I was supposed to be there this weekend…unfortunately I had a family emergency to tend to. I hope to be there next year!!

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