Werndl 11X41


Please help me to indentify headstamp on Werndl 11X41 JAB? J – 10 o’clock a – 1 and b – six o’clock.


AUSTRIAN MILITARY CARTRIDGES by Josef Mötz lists this hs as unknown Manufacturer ( Vol 1 P356) and he would be the most knowledgeable collector wrt these Austrian cartridges.


What you think about «Jansen Armuriers Bruxelles»?, i found it on the Czech forum.


I think that is very unlikely but an imaginative guess. That top example you show (not sure what the bottom one is ?) has a Wilburger primer which is an early Austrian CF type.

Cartridges with the “Jansen Armuriers Bruxelles” hs were not produced by Jansen itself (they never produced their own ammo). So it is unlikely that “JAB” would represent the Jansen company as who it was produced for would not be obvious - which is the whole point of such ‘proprietary’ hs. “JAB” would typically represent the manufacturer.